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Moatoob planet
Map of Moatoob

Of the three planets, Moatoob has the harshest environment. Inhabitants must constantly battle the elements to survive. The oceans are dry and the land is becoming a harsh desert, but Moatoob is rich in natural resources. Thus, there is no end to the influx of immigrants with grandiose dreams of getting rich quick. Beasts make up the majority of the inhabitants. Medium-sized cities dot Moatoob's surface. Representatives from each city have formed a trade alliance, but it's a loose organization and agreements are carried out between individual merchants for the most part. Rather, it can be said that the rogues' underground society controls much of Moatoob's politics.

Dagora City is one of the larger cities on Moatoob. The majority of Dagora City's inhabitants are beasts, but with a large number of people coming and going from the city, at any given time 30 to 40% of the population are of other races. Many of them are involved in dealings ranging from shady to outright criminal.

Dagora City

A city where outlaws and shady characters gather. Dagora City is home to a bar frequented by rogues, as well as TENORA WORKS, maker of nonstandard underground-style weapons. Like Ohtoku city, it is not divided into districts. The shopping mall is on one side of the city (left as you enter from the spaceport) with the Flyer Base and GUARDIANS branch on the other side. The Flyer Base provides transport to the West Kugu Desert and Galenigare Canyon.

Galenigare Canyon

An area with many abandoned mines. Many were once rich in rare ores, but after being mined extensively, most of the mining sites have been abandoned.

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