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When hunting rare enemies in Phantasy Star Universe, all it takes is a little observation to determine whether or not you have a rare map. This article details how to identify the rare variations of a mission as well as how to read the spawn charts used at the PSUPedia.

Rare enemies

When hunting for a particular rare enemy, it is best to know where it has a chance of showing up. Click the name of each enemy below for a full list of missions in which they makes appearances.

How to determine a rare map

Use the following steps to help identify a rare map from common maps.

  1. Upon starting a mission in which you will be hunting a specific rare enemy, reference the map route column of the mission's spawn chart to identify which map you have been given. Generally speaking, this can be done by noting the layout of the first block, though there are cases when the first block of each route will be similar, thus requiring you to use the second block to identify the route.
  2. After identifying your route, note the spawns you encounter in the first block (or second if running a mission with identical first blocks) to see which pattern you have been given. In most cases, the initial enemy spawn will be enough to identify a map pattern, though some missions will have identical initial spawns, requiring you to go by the second or third spawn. Such cases will be noted in the spawn chart.
  3. When hunting rare enemies, the map pattern you will be looking for is identified as an X variation. These are highlighted in green.
  4. If the enemy spawns you have encountered do not match what is listed for the X variation of the map you are on, abandon and restart the mission. Continue this process until you get the enemy spawns that match the X variation of your map.

How to read spawn charts

Some of the notation used on the spawn charts at the PSUPedia may seem confusing to first-time readers. If you are uncertain of what a particular symbol or note means, reference the following chart for more information.

Example Meaning
Koltova x4 & Vahra x2 Four Koltova and two Vahra will spawn all at once.
Koltova x4 + Vahra x2 Four Koltova will spawn, and two Vahra will spawn when some of the Koltova are killed.
Koltova x4 → Vahra x2 Four Koltova will spawn, then two Vahra will spawn after all of the Koltova are killed.
Koltova x4+4 Four Koltova will spawn, and Four more will spawn when some are killed.
Koltova x4 If you get to this point and see the stated spawn, the map variation cannot be rare.
Vahra x4 If you get to this point and see the stated spawn, the map variation is certainly rare.

Maps progress chart

Many of the enemy spawn charts are still work in progress. The following tables signify the current status of a particular mission's chart as well as contain links to the charts themselves. They are easily editable. Please update these as significant progress is made. An 'S2' rank should only be given to those charts that fully comply with the written standards and are fully completed. If you are unsure of either of these points, leave the rank at a maximum of 'S' and someone will be sure to finish it from there.

Color Legend
{{Color-C}} for nonexistent charts.
{{Color-B}} for just started charts.
{{Color-A}} for half done charts.
{{Color-S}} for almost complete charts.
{{Color-S2}} for standardized charts.
Unsafe Passage
Fight for Food
Dark Satellite*
SEED Awakened*
True Darkness
The Black Nest*
The Dark God* **
Mad Creatures*
Plains Overlord*
Sleeping Warriors
Train Rescue
The Mad Beasts
Lab Recovery*
Endrum Remnants*
The Dual Sentinel
Crimson Beast
Duel in the Ruins
Scarred Planet
Lightning Beasts
SEED Express**
AMF HQ Recovery**
Military Subway
Electronic Brain
Mizuraki Defense
Forested Islands
Demons Above
Rainbow Beast
Grove of Fanatics*
The Holy Ground
Moonlight Beast*
The Eastern Peril*
Forest Infiltration*
Cost of Research
Sakura Blast
Flowery Pursuit
Sacred Stream**
White Beast
Hill of Spores
Dancing Birds
Valley of Carnage
Mine Defense
System Defense*
Desert Terror
Rogues' Shortcut**
Tunnel Recapture*
Caves of Ice
Awoken Serpent
Desert Goliath
Stolen Weapon
Lonely Laboratory
Bladed Legacy
Citadel of Sand

Missions marked with a (*) have been changed since their initial release. If any inconsistencies are discovered, please update the enemy spawn charts accordingly.
Missions marked with a (**) need pictures!

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