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  0     ☆☆☆
Luck1.gif 1 ★☆☆
Luck2.gif 2 ★★☆
Luck3.gif 3 ★★★
This page is about Photon Fortune, the daily changing stat that causes stars to appear near a character's name.
For the Type-based hidden stat that literally means 'luck' and only affects the critical hit rate, please refer to CHR.

Photon Fortune, also called Holy Light and popularly just referred to as Luck (originating from fan translations), is an attribute through which randomized events and processes in the game are modified. Every day at 12:00 AM (JST for the Japanese servers, PST for the English and Xbox 360 ones), each of the eight possible race/gender combinations is assigned a value from zero to three (0 to 3), where zero is the most unlucky and three is the luckiest; these assignments are the same each day for all servers. Luck appears next to the character name, as seen in the images to the right. For missions, luck is determined by whatever the party leader's/host luck is.

Partner machines have the same Luck as CAST characters, but currently this isn't of any use.

It is possible to change your Photon Fortune for a period of time at the shrine maiden located in the Shitenkaku lobby on Neudaiz.

Effects of Photon Fortune

  • Slightly increases success rate when grinding weapons.
  • Increases enemy drop rate.
  • Item drops from boss boxes.[1]

Although many of these are still widely believed by the general player base, none of the following are confirmed to be affected by Photon Fortune:

  • Quality of drops
  • Chance for super-rare items (such as S-rank weapon boards) to drop
  • Synthing success rate or attribute percentage
  • Rare spawn appearance rate
  • Casino Voloyal slot machine odds
  • Special drops such as Igg Crown or Gaozoran Rod

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