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Your room, just as the name implies, is the personal living space given to you upon enlisting with the GUARDIANS. Players can use their room to open and manage their own shop, meet and chat with up to five other players and more.

Ambition of the Illuminus added numerous new features to your room, many of which are accessible only through the use of expansion-exclusive remodeling tickets. As a result, those who do not play the expansion will not be able to enter the room of a player who has upgraded their room to one of the new Illuminus styles.

Room customization

A room decorated with Natural Matte.

Your room can be customized to your taste through the use of various remodeling tickets and room decorations. Remodeling tickets allow players to change the overall style of their room while decorations can be placed in different locations throughout. Please note that decorations exclusive to Ambition of the Illuminus cannot be placed in rooms that have not been remodeled with one of the new tickets from the expansion. More information on these two types of items can be found at the following links:

Players who have remodeled their room with one of the new tickets will have access to the decoration placement grid. This feature, which can be turned on and off through your partner machine's main menu, displays a grid across your room, showing each spot where a decoration can be placed. Another addition to the new remodeling tickets is that their unique design and theme will carry over to your shop so that it will match the style of the rest of your room.

If you ever get tired of the starry view from your window on the GUARDIANS Colony, special remodeling tickets can be used to move your room to the barracks at one of the GUARDIANS Branches on the planet of your choice. Not only will this move change the view outside your window, but also you will exit your room outside the GUARDIANS Branch of your respective city. Transfer tickets to move to Parum, Moatoob, Neudaiz, and back to the GUARDIANS Colony are available from the item exchange mission The Collector.

Player shops

By using the remodeling ticket Open Shop, players can add a shop area to their room where they are able to sell items to the rest of the community. Shop management functions are accessed from the control panel on the shop counter. This allows you to add to or take away from your store's inventory as well as adjust the prices of the items you have for sale. Almost anything stored in your partner machine can be sold at your shop, the only exclusions being PA Fragments, photon arts traded for PA Fragments, photon arts that have been converted back into disks, items from Casino Voloyal's prize exchange counter, and certain account bound items.

Partner machines

When a new Guardian receives their room, a base model partner machine will be waiting there for them. A vital part of any Guardian's life, a partner machine allows players to store extra items as well as synthesize new weapons, line shields and consumable goods. Players can also feed their partner machine to make it evolve, thus increasing its proficiency at synthesizing certain items, and ultimately transforming it into a humanoid form which can accompany them in battle. Aside from this, various room features are available through the partner machine's main menu. These features include remodeling your room, activating and deactivating the decoration placement grid (Illuminus only) and accessing the jukebox (Illuminus only).

Miscellaneous features

Common box

The common box allows players to store extra items to help save valuable personal inventory space. Any items placed in the common box will be accessible to each of the characters on a player's account.

Vision phone

The vision phone

The vision phone offers a variety of features including a player shop search function, visitor log and glossary filled with helpful information on the world of Phantasy Star Universe. There's also a bulletin board where visitors can leave short messages for the room's owner. A future update will introduce the player record and titles features.

Dressing room

The dressing room is where players are able to change into different clothes or parts whenever the desire for a new look comes about. Remember that the outfit you'd like to change into must be in your personal inventory when you step into the dressing room. You will not have access to clothing or parts stored in your partner machine or common box while in the dressing room.


Exclusive to rooms that have been remodeled with one of the new Ambition of the Illuminus tickets, this feature allows players to select their room's background music or turn it off completely. New jukebox discs can be obtained through special events and specific shops, such as Casino Voloyal's prize exchange counter. The jukebox can be accessed through the partner machine's main menu. From there, players are able to add new music to their playlist and select the music they would like to play in their room.

Room lock

If you want to keep anyone from entering your room, a four-digit password can be created to lock the door. This is done by accessing the panel to the right of your room's exit door. When your room is password protected, only yourself and anyone you give your password to will be able to enter. Keep in mind that if you are running a shop, no one will have access to your store.

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