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Neudaiz planet
Map of Neudaiz

Neudaiz holds the most water content of the three planets. People on Neudaiz coexist with nature. Huge plants grow densely, untouched by people, and floating islands dot the waters. The majority of the population is made up of newmans. Neudaiz's planetary religion is the Gurhal Faith, and the planet is a theocracy governed by the Communion of Gurhal. Most of Neudaiz's residents are followers. It is the Gurhal System's largest religion, supported by both newman and non-newman followers. Neudaiz's capital is Ohtoku City, home of the headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal. One of the largest companies in the city is the Yohmei Corporation, famous for its powerful TECHNIC-based weapons. Ohtoku City's residents are mostly newman, with other races making up approximately 20% of the city's population.

Ohtoku City

Neudaiz's capital city. In the center of the city is the majestic Ohtoku Mountain, home to the headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal and a popular tourist spot. Ohtoku City is home to corporate and university research facilities as well as educational organizations, and is well-known as an academic city.

Unlike Clyez and Holtes, Ohtoku City is not divided into multiple districts. From the central district, you can reach the shopping mall, Yohmei shop, Flyer Base, and GUARDIANS branch. At the Yohmei shop, you can purchase most Yohmei equipment and grind Yohmei weaponry. The Synthesis shop in Ohtoku stocks synthesis boards for Yohmei equipment. The Flyer Base currently allows transport to the Mizuraki C.D. and Agata Islands area.

COG: Pavilion of Air

The Pavilion of Air is the COG's HQ/Branch within Ohtoku City. It is split into two levels, a ground level facility, and an upper level facility located on the summit of Mt.Ohtoku. It is used to access new expansion only missions located within the Pavilion of Air.

Mizuraki Conservation District

A heavily forested area on Neudaiz. The mizuraki is a beautiful but endangered tree, protected by conservation laws.

Available Missions


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