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The GUARDIANS Colony prior to Ambition of the Illuminus.
Mission Counter Map for the GUARDIANS Colony

The GUARDIANS Colony is owned and controlled by the GUARDIANS organization. The GUARDIANS Colony had modest beginnings as a small colony purchased as the home base for the organization. As the GUARDIANS grew larger, the colony was further developed into the huge residential colony it is today, with over a million permanent residents. The GUARDIANS travel all across the Gurhal System for missions, using a transportation system called "Vector Tracks" to reach each of the three planets. The Vector Tracks can be easily recognized due to their rows of ring-shaped control units.

The GUARDIANS Colony acts as the central station of Phantasy Star Universe. It is the location of My Room, the instanced room that each player owns. It is the starting point for new characters and contains several missions designed to familiarize a player to the game basics. It is also currently has the largest city out of the planets with certain shops that are unavailable in the other planets.

The Colony underwent an aesthetic change between the original Phantasy Star Universe and the expansion, Ambition of the Illuminus due to the events in the last chapter of Episode 2.

Clyez City

Clyez City can be found at the center of the GUARDIANS Colony and is where the GUARDIANS Headquarters are located. There are multiple cities in the GUARDIANS Colony that are very similar in design to Clyez City. Clyez City is broken up into five floors with a distinct function.

The first floor serves as a basic lobby for players to meet up, start parties, or chat. It is also where you will spawn if you decline continuing from an outpost or city area on log in. From here, you can access your room.

The second floor is a shopping mall that is used primarily for battle readiness - there is a weapons shop, armor shop, item shop, synthesis shop, and a grinding area for Kubara weaponry. The equipment in these shops tend to be low grade - if you want to find better equipment, you may have better luck at a manufacturer's shop at their home planet. However, Clyez City does hold a great variety of lower level equipment. There is also a room decorations shop located on this floor.

The third floor is another shopping mall, but it is primarily for aesthetics, including a clothing shop, parts shop, and makeover shop. You can change the general look of your character in these shops for a price. There is also a club located on this floor. While it has no permanent use, it has been used to feature past events. Finally, the formerly vacant spot on this floor has been filled by the Resident Security Department. Here you can undertake special advanced missions as well as upgrade your character using the GUARDIANS advanced style system.

The fourth floor is the PPT Spaceport, where you can transport to the other planets using vector tracks. It also has the Linear Line mission counter. There is also a "Space Dock" which transports Guardians to Infected SEED satellites.

The fifth and final floor is the GUARDIANS headquarters, where you can change your type for a fee or participate in special story missions.

Linear Line

The Linear Line is an anti-grav transportation system that traverses the inside of the GUARDIANS Colony. It is also used on other colonies and on extremely large ships. Parts of the Linear are shut down due to SEED. Walking along the access corridors is the only way to get to some parts of the colony. Using the Linear Line, you can head to the Transfer Terminal. From the Transfer Terminal, you can go to the Aurorey Viewing Plaza.

Available missions


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