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Item synthesis is the process of creating certain items using base materials. These base materials can be obtained during missions (from monster drops, boxes or enviroment) or can be bought in shops.

Synthesisable Items

The following items can be synthesised:

Succes Rate

The odds of success when synthesizing a particular item varies, depending on the item's type and quality, the levels of the Partner Machinery used during the synthesis process, and the luck score of the individual synthesizing the item. The higher the Partnet Machine is in a certain skill (striking, TECH, armor or ranged) the better the chances of succes are.

Below is a table showing the succes rates for every category of weapon and the rarity.

Succes Rates
Rarity Striking weapon Ranged RCSMs TECHNIC Line shield
attribute Neutral - attribute Neutral - attribute Neutral
1★ 88-95% 92-99% 88-95% 88-95% 92-99% 88-95% 65-70% 92-99%
2★ 85-95% 88-99% 85-95% 85-95% 88-99% 85-95% 63-70% 88-99%
3★ 81-95% 84-99% 82-95% 82-95% 85-99% 82-95% 60-70% 85-99%
4★ 79-95% 82-99% 79-95% 79-95% 82-99% 79-95% 58-70% 82-99%
5★ 68-86% 79-99% 68-86% 68-86% 75-95% 68-86% 54-68% 79-99%
6★ 63-83% 75-99% 62-82% 62-82% 72-95% 62-82% 52-68% 75-99%
7★ 54-74% 66-90% 51-70% 51-70% 66-90% 51-70% 47-64% 58-80%
8★ -70% -85% 44-65% 44-65%  % 44-65% -63% -79%
9★ -66% -79% -61% -61%  % -61% -61% -78%
10★ -89%  % 53-81% 53-81% 63-91% 53-81% -75% -91%
11★ -92%  % 58-86% 58-86% 68-96% 58-86% -76% -92%
12★ -99%  % 63-91% -91%  % 63-91%  %  %
13★  %  %  %  %  %  %  %  %
14★  %  %  %  %  %  %  %  %
15★  %  %  %  %  %  %  %  %


To synthesize an item, Synthesis boards must first placed into your Partner Machine. Up to 32 synthesis boards can be inserted into your Partner Machine at any one time. If another synthesis board is inserted after the limit is reached, you will be forced to remove a synthesis board before inserting a new one. Once the board is entered the user has the ability to start synthesis. The required materials can also be seen at that point. Once the board is selected the user can choose what materials to enter. Depending on the board Photons and Woods can be selected (ranging from all photons to all woods, including kubara wood in some boards) Below is a table explaining the process more detailed.

# Process
1 After inserting the synthesis board into your Partner Machinery (done through the synthesis menu), you put into your Partner Machinery's storage the proper materials the recipe calls for. An X to the left of the item means that you don't have the proper materials in the Partner Machinery storage (you can't just have the items in your inventory, you must have those items in the storage).
2 Verify with your PM that the ingredients necessary are there. Note the success rate for your item as well as the number of uses left that recipe can generate at the bottom.
3 Wait the specified amount of time; usually 90 minutes. The stronger the item, the more time it takes. If it's a line shield, it takes even more time. Usable items and conversion boards are instant. Note that you can cancel it and get back your materials should you have to, however, if a considerable amount of time has passed, you may not be able to get back the materials used. You can check on the status of your weapons, and how much resource has been used, anything unused will be returned to you, anything used has a success rate of retrieval. The synthesis process might take several hours.
4 Finalize synthesis, and pick up your items. Picking up only applies to armors, weapons, and high level refining. This is essentially the moment of truth, time to see if your PM successfully created/refined the item or not. If you fail, you'll end up with a recovery item such as a Monomate or Scape Doll, or a buff item such as an Agtaride

Ways of synthesising

Some items have a 100% synthesis success rate such as room decorations. Other items are synthesised immediatly when entered and usually have a 100% rate aswell. These items include Grinders and certain consumable items. Weapons and Line-Shields require time to be synthesised, and can only be created one at a time (per board). After this time is over the weapon can be removed from the Partner machine. Depending on the Photon added, this weapon or Line-shield will recieve either a neutral element, random element with random attribute, or chosen element with random attribute.

Keep in mind each type of item built will follow a standard formula. General items that are catalysts (not usable, like grinders, or resource refining with the exception of high level ore refining) consist of one item, which is usually the material itself, and labeled as such (things such as "Grinder C Parts"). Recovery Items and high level ore refining consist of two types of ingredients, chemicals and natural materials, and acids for usable items; lower level ore and basic photons; use more expensive photon for high level refining. Armors require three kinds of resources: photons, ores, and materials (such as nanocarbon, or orta-resin). Finally, weapons require the most of anything, filling all four resource slots, consisting of ores, photons, metals and wood.

  • 6★, 8★, and 10-12★ ranged weapon boards have the option to use Kubara Wood to produce a Kubara weapon - an illegal copy of the original. Usually the success rate drops when you do so.

Synthesis times

Rarity Weapons Line shields
1-3★ 00:15 00:30
4-6★ 00:30 01:00
7★ 01:00 02:00
8★ 01:30 02:30
9★ 02:00 03:00
10★ 03:00 04:00
11★ 04:00 05:00
12★ 05:00 06:00
13-15★ 06:00 06:00

Update: As of mid-November, 2007, SEGA has raised the success rates during item synthesis, leaving them significantly higher. This is especially true when the board being used is rare. In addition, synthesis failures more frequently result in the production of high value materials, such as Junaline, offering the player an opportunity to either use the rare material, or to sell it. In addition, if you use a particularly rare or unusual item in an item synthesis, such as a Bil De Vear Horn, you are more likely to get that item back.