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Team is Phantasy Star Universe's term for a party or group of players. These teams can consist of up to six players, human or CPU controlled. Normally teams are formed to ease the completion of harder trials and defeating of the game's boss enemies or simply to enjoy the company of friends while playing.


Teams include many options that can be edited by the team leader, these include:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Numeric password ranging 0000-9999
  • Loot options

It should be noted that loot options can only be altered at the mission counter.

Loot options allow for free-for-all, ordered or random pickups and can be set separately for normal items (1-6★) and rare items (7★+).

Only the team leader may add CPU controlled characters to the team and any CPU characters added by the leader will be removed from the team if either leadership changes hands to another member or the current leader leaves the team.


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